“Elvis and bride have left the building!”

January 25, 2007

Wedding Theme Central: Vegas, Baby

By: Amy K. Spade Who hasn’t thought of getting married in Las Vegas at some point or another? Whether it’s the glitz and the glamor of the city or just the fun environment, you might want to take that and put it into your own wedding.

And you won’t have to run off and elope to do it either. Bring everyone with you.
Blue suede shoes?

No, you don’t have to have the groom dress up as Elvis to have a traditional Vegas wedding—although that’s not a bad idea.

You can start off the wedding plans with an invitation that looks like a deck of cards. This is an indication of the fun, relaxed atmosphere of the wedding. You may even want to drop in a few real cards just for good measure.

Take the theme even further by naming all of the tables by the various hotels and casinos in Vegas—the Flamingo, Bellagio, and the Golden Nugget are just a few. You can have favors that are Vegas inspired—cards, poker chips, etc.

You may want to make the ceremony look like one of the strip’s wedding chapels. Put up a sign that says “Chapel of Love” or something like that.

And yes, there’s more

One of the neatest ways to capture your Vegas wedding is to find someone who can create a cake in the shape of your favorite Vegas building. Why not have a cake in the shape of the Sphinx at the Luxor hotel? Or perhaps you want something more clichéd—like the old boy Elvis himself.

Although the groom may not want to dress up like Elvis, you may want to incorporate red and black into your overall color scheme. These are the colors of Vegas, after all. Perhaps you can even set up small slot machines or card tables for the night. Hire a few blackjack dealers and you’re sure to have some impressed and satisfied guests.

Food is easy for a Vegas wedding because buffet is the way to go in the casinos. Set up a similar food sampling, and people will forget that they’re not in Vegas, but at your wedding.

And of course, a lounge singer is always nice, but not necessary.

Having a Vegas themed wedding is all about having fun. Perhaps you were engaged in Vegas or just want to capture its essence, either way, get creative and let the night be one you can bet on.

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