June 12, 2007

The public’s perception of a DJ is much different than that of a wedding photographer, caterer or any other vendor.

Dispelling the myth of a DJ takes some effort.

Common beliefs:

* DJ only plays music

* DJ is an entry level job, so no experience is necessary.

* DJ job is fun. If it’s fun, it shouldn’t be paid for.

* DJ job is easy. If it’s easy it should be paid for.

* DJ doesn’t really deserve any respect, not really that important.

* DJ should never cost more than $600.

* DJ only works on the weekend as a hobby.

* DJ is not a profession.

* It is not that important where the DJ sets up.

All DJs are not the same…The differences lie in the services and experience.

Party DJ vs Wedding DJ


* Limited music knowledge

* Rarely speaks on the microphone.

* Talks more about their equipment

* Might do a friend’s wedding and instantly “knight” themselves a “Wedding DJ”

Wedding DJ

* Vast Music knowledge

* Commanding presence on the mic.

* Crowd Motivator

* Entertainer

* Master Of Ceremonies

* Reception/Event Planner

* On-Site Coordinator

* Referral Service

* Music programmer

* Director of Ceremony music and procession.

* Director of Grand Entrance, Wedding Toast/Speeches, Specialty Dances and Events.

“There is a reason why a budget price DJ is a low price DJ…If they could demand a higher price for the quality of their show, they would!”

Entertainment/DJ is a “Talent-Based” service…not a commodity.

You will pay more for a DJ that is “Owner/Operator” because you are getting a premium performer.

“We base our price on the value we provide to you, not on anyone’s preconceived idea of what a wedding DJ should be.”

A fair price is equal to the services rendered.

If our services were the same as every other DJ, then you would be looking for the lowest price



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