Second Time Around-Getting Married Again!

August 4, 2007

There is nothing more emotionally charged, more beautiful or exciting than getting married.  What do you remember about that special day?  For those of you  married once, and still are, was that special day glorious?  Maybe it’s hard to remember because you were very young, very drunk or very nervous.  Maybe it was perfect and still is.

For most brides and grooms, that special day can be very overwhelming due to finances, parental pressure, early pregnancy and immaturity.

I have seen too many instances where the parents control the entire event or couples are thrown into a commitment of marriage for the wrong reasons.

Their intentions are admirable and they want a picture perfect wedding with all of the accoutrements.

Here comes the 64 thousand dollar question…

“If you had to do it all over again (with the same person, or just over again) would you??

I believe the answer for many would be, “NO”.

The reasons are many,
*  Too young, highschool sweetheart.
*  Pregnant
*  Friend or family member got married and you got caught up in the moment and proposed.
* Marriage was an escape from ?
* Pressured into marriage

Unfortunately most end in divorce and the general consensus is never to get married again!

But then you meet someone.  You get those butterflies and heart palpitations you haven’t felt for years.
You’re older now, sometimes 10 or 15 years older, more mature, in a better financial situation (sometimes) and the “W” word pops up.

Logically this doesn’t make sense. “I’m too old or mature to go down that silly path again.”
Emotionally it makes total sense because your heart is still 17 years old.

And then it happens. You become engaged and start to plan another wedding. YIKES!

But i’ts your second wedding and you feel funny about doing all of those things at a wedding that now seem a little silly.

Just because this isn’t the first time, don’t think it won’t or can’t be as special as your first time.  In most cases, the second or third time can be a charm.

Yes you were married before- but not to this special person.  Make it special!
For most, the second time is more fulfilling, more meaningful and less stressful than the first time.
You’re older, wiser, and know your expectations and priorities. You are born again!

Be creative and have fun with it!

* Get the kids involved- Your children will feel more part of the new family when they   participate (ring bearer, flower girl, ushers, best man and maid of honor)  It might be a nice touch to give each child a ring to signify the union of the family

* Do what you want– Forget about your previous wedding. That was in the past. This is a new chapter in your life. This new relationship is special and you want it to last. Do what makes you happy. Ignore what others might say or think.  Where a white dress or denim pants with matching Hawaiin shirts and make this day as large or small as you want.<br>

* You are in control and that is a good feeling.

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