Tips For Church and Outdoor Ceremonies

September 11, 2007

Church Ceremony

When you want your ceremony to be in a church, you will often have to pay for the rental and the priest or minister to perform the ceremony. Some churches will decorate for you while others will not. If this is an issue, be sure to ask first. How much money you will pay for the ceremony will vary and will depend on how the policies of the church.Here are some tips on how you can save money on a church ceremony.

· Look for a church that offers complete services or all inclusive packages rather than separate fees · Try to bargain deals for outdoor weddings

· Rent the church alone and hire your own minister

· Have your services on a day where there are no church services because it may be cheaper · Decorate the church yourself

· Offer to volunteer at the church for awhile in exchange for a discount· You can save some money by hosting your ceremony in the church basement rather than in the worship center. Churches will often offer more inexpensive prices if you are a member of the church.

Outdoor Ceremony You can save a great deal of money by hosting your ceremony outside like in a beautiful park, at the beach, on a hilltop or even in your yard. Of course, having the ceremony in your backyard is the cheapest. Here are some of the formalities that go with having an outdoor ceremony that can save you money all around.

· The best way is to have the service in your backyard (if you are on a really tight budget, or at a friends 3 acre park-like yard)

· Choose an open public forum that does not generally have a great deal of people trying to access it, and get the right permits etc. beforehand

· Opting for an ordained minister rather than a priest etc. is often cheaper. Just be sure to check that whoever you choose can legally perform wedding ceremonies in your area. · You can forego the chairs and have the guests standing as long as you host a short ceremony. A nice white or themed linen on the ground for guests to stand on is an elegant touch

· When going with outdoor ceremony, people often opt for the portable arch because it is easy to transport and just as elegant· Of course, you can always host your ceremony at city hall and save your money for the reception. Record the ceremony and host a viewing during the reception.  

Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor ceremonies open the door to many themes that can greatly reduce the cost of your wedding and reception. Hawaiian themes and beach themes can help you save money on formal wear, and decorations etc. because people having an outdoor wedding are often casually or island dressed.It makes the ceremony more comfortable for the guests too because they are also dressed casually.Outdoor ceremonies can immediately switch from ceremony to reception which saves some extra money on travel fees too, such as limos etc. The Hawaiian theme will be a great way to have a luau or pig roast reception. You might want to consider a theme that lets you have a picnic for your reception party or a beach party or bonfire, but I will get into themes in more detail in a later section.

All of these tips were designed to help you find deals and discounts. You can also choose to have your ceremony at a courthouse or city hall building; record the services and play the recording during your reception instead. It is a nice way to share your vows with your friends and family without spending a fortune on the ceremony.

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