“I chose not to participate in the recession”

April 22, 2009

Why do so many people in this country want to participate in the recession?

What you say? Choose? Yes..choose.  It’s a choice.

This country is run on emotions and most people are sheep.

Think about it…What is any different about what we need  to function today verses 10 years ago?

We still gotta eat, drive, buy clothes, gas etc.   The only thing difference is that certain talking heads are telling us that we are in trouble and what do we do?…We panic.

Tell someone they are bright, beautiful and unique and they will excel with confidence.

Tell them they are worthless and, well, you know…

It’s time for an attitude adjustment people!  Quit being led by the nose and choose not to participate in the recession.

Start your own business or just think of something you’re good at and charge for it.  Sure feels good to be in control of your future rather than being inder the watchful eye of a “boss” wondering if she’ll let you keep your job.

Tony Laub started his own business 4 years ago and is ranked #1 on msn and in the top 10 on google and yahoo.

“Phoenix Wedding DJ”



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