Whose Wedding Is It?

August 19, 2009

Letterhead SOS 09_edited-1Ever meet a bride (or maybe you are one) who has no say-so about her own wedding.  The mom is running the show. Telling her what is allowed and what is acceptable and who she should hire and how she should act.  It’s pitiful!

But…I suppose it has always been that way in their relationship.

Sooner or later these brides are going to have to leave the nest and fend for themselves. Seems to me that a wedding should be the time and place to make a clean break.

If mom and dad are footing the entire bill, don’t complain. You asked for it!

On the flip side…whose wedding is it? Ease up a little and let your daughter spread her wings.  Even if you think she’s marrying a loser.



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