Congrats….You’re getting married!!  So much to do. So much planning.

First thing brides do is gaze in awe at magazines and websites.

So many pretty pictures of gowns, beautiful venues, gorgeous cakes, dazzling flowers, sumptious feasts, awesome limos.  The list goes on for brides to choose the right vendors.

And now you’re done with all of the sampling of tasty treats, touring the venues, smelling the flowers and looking at the photo albums.

That’s about it right?  Wait…what about the entertainment?

You almost forgot the entertainment!!  How did that happen?

Because, they’re are no pretty pictures of a Wedding DJ hosting the perfect event as your Master of Ceremonies, On-Site Coordinating, Perfect sound level and the right mix of music.

The Wedding DJ is known as the “Mystery” vendor. 

Brides are attracted to the shiny, happy, pretty photos of venues, gowns, cakes, flowers and limousines.

A Wedding DJ is a “talent-based” service. We have nothing tangible to show you.

Most brides (and grooms) think that all a Wedding DJ does is stand behind a table and play music and solitaire.

This could not be further from the truth!

That is why we always meet with prospective brides and grooms. Because we have to paint a “mental picture’ and sell an emotion.

This is why a true, professional Wedding DJ will not throw out a price over the phone. We need to meet with you to discuss your thoughts and ideas and to inform and educate you about the many services we provide.

Tony Laub is a Professional Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies

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