1. “We’ll do it our way.”

You’ve been planning your wedding for months — if not years — and even the tiniest detail is taken into account.

Too bad that all too often, the people you hire to help carry out the plans are oblivious to what you want.

When Mary Jane Shroyer of Decatur, Ga., arrived at the church on her wedding day, she found that the L-shaped white bouquets she had requested had somehow become Christmas tree-shaped arrangements of large pink lilies and red flowers.

The bride had also ordered a single rose for placement at the altar in remembrance of her recently deceased grandmother and a corsage for her husband’s stepmother, wanting her to feel included as one of the family.

The florist brought the wrong flower to recognize the grandmother and omitted the corsage altogether.

How to avoid mistakes like that one?

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What Is That Smell??

January 9, 2008


That is the smell of romance in the air.  It’s that time of year when the world falls in love, every song you hear seems to say…

“I Love You”, and as the poem states…first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the planning…

What? You have no idea where to start?


“The Exclusive Wedding Guide”

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This is valuable information that you won’t find on the web, because this guide is compiled from real life scenarios that take place every week and behind the scenes of weddings.

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Tony Laub is the author of Exclusive Wedding Guide and has been a professional Master Of Ceremonies and Wedding DJ for over 20 years.

I’ll bet this is you first marriage right? For most of you this is your first marriage, wedding and everything that goes with it such as: Planning, meeting vendors. I’ll bet a year ago you didn’t even know the word vendor.

You have so much to learn…it can be overwhelming…and to add to your anxiety…How do you know which vendor to choose?

 Information is power. You need to attend an expo, but you need to know the right way to do this.  Make the Expo work for you.

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I’m sure this does not apply to you, but there are people out there who wait for the last minute to find a venue and

vendors (photographer, catering, entertainment, officiant etc)  That being said, don’t fret!  You just have to think out of the

box!  And it’s not a terribly difficult dilemma.  Here are some tips for you last minute revelers:

1. Almost every venue has an events booked on Saturdays from now till 2012. Once you come to this realization you will start saving money.

2. Almost every venue will have availability and  a reduced fee on every day except Saturday.

3. So book your event on a Friday or Sunday or even Thursday. Get creative and look for Holidays that land on a Friday (Veterans day, Independence day falls on a Friday) or a Monday (Presidents day, Labor/Memorial day, Martin Luther King Day).  No work on a Friday means you just turned your Friday night into a Saturday night!

4.  Vendors will almost always accept a reduced fee on “Off Days”. Don’t expect them to disclose this. Ask them.

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Having a wedding in your backyard is a great way to celebrate your big day. However, don’t set yourself up for failure.

The number one obstacle is the sound level.  The last thing you want is the police crashing your party.

Here is a tip: Make sure you invite everyone who is within “earshot” of your party.  Remember, kill them with kindness. 

Friends don’t call the police, and if they’ve been invited, they will be more sensitive to the celebration.


Church Ceremony

When you want your ceremony to be in a church, you will often have to pay for the rental and the priest or minister to perform the ceremony. Some churches will decorate for you while others will not. If this is an issue, be sure to ask first. How much money you will pay for the ceremony will vary and will depend on how the policies of the church.Here are some tips on how you can save money on a church ceremony.

· Look for a church that offers complete services or all inclusive packages rather than separate fees · Try to bargain deals for outdoor weddings

· Rent the church alone and hire your own minister

· Have your services on a day where there are no church services because it may be cheaper · Decorate the church yourself

· Offer to volunteer at the church for awhile in exchange for a discount· You can save some money by hosting your ceremony in the church basement rather than in the worship center. Churches will often offer more inexpensive prices if you are a member of the church.

Outdoor Ceremony You can save a great deal of money by hosting your ceremony outside like in a beautiful park, at the beach, on a hilltop or even in your yard. Of course, having the ceremony in your backyard is the cheapest. Here are some of the formalities that go with having an outdoor ceremony that can save you money all around.

· The best way is to have the service in your backyard (if you are on a really tight budget, or at a friends 3 acre park-like yard)

· Choose an open public forum that does not generally have a great deal of people trying to access it, and get the right permits etc. beforehand

· Opting for an ordained minister rather than a priest etc. is often cheaper. Just be sure to check that whoever you choose can legally perform wedding ceremonies in your area. · You can forego the chairs and have the guests standing as long as you host a short ceremony. A nice white or themed linen on the ground for guests to stand on is an elegant touch

· When going with outdoor ceremony, people often opt for the portable arch because it is easy to transport and just as elegant· Of course, you can always host your ceremony at city hall and save your money for the reception. Record the ceremony and host a viewing during the reception.  

Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor ceremonies open the door to many themes that can greatly reduce the cost of your wedding and reception. Hawaiian themes and beach themes can help you save money on formal wear, and decorations etc. because people having an outdoor wedding are often casually or island dressed.It makes the ceremony more comfortable for the guests too because they are also dressed casually.Outdoor ceremonies can immediately switch from ceremony to reception which saves some extra money on travel fees too, such as limos etc. The Hawaiian theme will be a great way to have a luau or pig roast reception. You might want to consider a theme that lets you have a picnic for your reception party or a beach party or bonfire, but I will get into themes in more detail in a later section.

All of these tips were designed to help you find deals and discounts. You can also choose to have your ceremony at a courthouse or city hall building; record the services and play the recording during your reception instead. It is a nice way to share your vows with your friends and family without spending a fortune on the ceremony.

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The Entertainment

What is a wedding reception? By definition, it is an Entertainment function. What do you remember about the last wedding you attended (good or bad)? Was it the…food? Maybe. Was it the atmosphere? Could be. Or maybe it was the Entertainment. Whether good or bad, the entertainment is what will make or break your wedding day.

What is your purpose for inviting guests? To feed them? Of course, but the main reason is to celebrate with you and how do we do that? Entertainment.

Usually the entertainment is treated like the red-headed step child. Always last on the list of things to do and least budgeted for or you’ve run out of money.

Maybe it’s time to re-prioritize.

What’s really important to you? Let’s make a list:

1. The Venue/Catering- Gotta feed and put a roof over their heads. $75-$150 a head (do the math)

2. Your Wedding/Engagement ring, you probably bought that awhile ago, but still part of the budget. $3000-$15,000

3. Your Wedding Gown- Yikes! Pretty pricey unless it’s a hand-me-down. $0-$5000

4. Your Photographer/Videographer- Need them soon for engagement shots. $3000-$10,000

5. Your Honeymoon- Unless you are headed to Blythe or Beayef Egypt, this will set you back a few bucks. $3600.00

6. Invitations- Have you priced these lately? Holy Cow!

7. Gotta have those little candy coated chocolates with your names and wedding date on them. $475.00

8. How ’bout those cute little bells for guests to ring. $275.00

9. Venue says that if you’re going to do it right you’ll need another pan of those Swedish Meatballs, oh, and one more veggie tray. $480.00 (tax & gratuity added)

10. Hey let’s not forget the rehearsal dinner, and tux rental, limo, officiant, center pieces. $3000-$9000

All right! You’ve got everything in order and you came in on budget! Oops! Forgot the entertainment…

You might have read wedding guides that discuss ways to save money by using an mp3 player or boom box for your reception. Bad idea.

Want to know why?

Here are some of the services a a DJ who specializes in weddings can offer:

* The music- Ceremony and Reception
* Ceremony and Reception planning and execution
* Master of Ceremonies- Directing and motivating your guests.
* Event Planner- Creating the itinerary and developing a timeline of events.
* Counselor- Offering advice and tips
* Coordination- Implementing and execution of the timeline. Communicating with all vendors and reception staff and informing them of the days events.

A DJ who specializes in wedding receptions will be 80% responsible for the success of your wedding ceremony and reception. This is a production and should be treated that way. You’ve got one shot at one of the most important days in your life. Do you want an mp3 player controlling your big day? Do you want an inexperienced DJ who is a friend of your fiances roommate?.

Hire an “Owner/Operator”.

They are passionate about each and every wedding and customise and personalize each wedding.

When calling on a DJ, do not ask for prices. Meet with that individual and inquire about their services, because you will get what you pay for.
Remember…A DJ is a personalized service, not a commodity. If a DJ gives you a price over the phone, they are “cookie-cutting” every wedding which means your wedding will be no different than the previous or future weddings.

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Anton is a DJ and Master of Ceremonies who specializes in Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies. He has performed hundreds of weddings and has authored a comprehensive guide to planning a wedding.